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Welcome to!

This is high performance monero (xmr) mining pool with % fee.

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Our servers are located in Europe. Dependless where you are based, you will have the best ping. We guarantee stability and minimize risks.

Benefits of xmr mining pool:

  • 0% fee
  • PPLNS payment system
  • Transparent and detailed statistics
  • Protected from DDoS attacks
  • NiceHash ready

We provide an easy to use, informative and user-friendly web interface. You can always find out information about new blocks and expect a fair profit calculation The pool is supported new Cryptonight R algorithm. Our monero pool is ready to work with NiceHash.

In our xmr pool the servers are protected from DDoS attacks which gives you additional protection. In case of problems with payments or connection, you can always contact technical support.

If you decide to do mining, the monero xmr pool is a great option for owners of the various equipment. Now it is the best moment to start working in the team and facilitate the Monero mining.

Wish you successful earnings with monero mining pool.

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