Getting Started

Getting Started with

Decided to start mining? You have found the best place and team for this. Following this guide, you can easily configure everything for successful start in the pool.

If you have any additional questions, you can mail at

Mining is easy!

Create a crypto wallet if you don’t have it.

For mining, you need to get a personal XMR wallet, on which coins will drip. You can use: - official site of crypto currency. You only need two email addresses and a mobile phone number to confirm.

Monero offline wallet - A safe paper wallet for storing crypto currency. It is highly protected from fraudlent activity and any types of hacks.

Pick a miner for cpu, gpu or both

In order to start, you should download mining software. This is a necessary component of the process of mining the monero. We suggest to get acknowledged with the following softwares below and choose one of the options:

Pick a mining server and port

For pool's url use

To complete it, just generate the config, fill in the short form and you can confidently proceed to the mining.